So Simple And Yet So Hard, Concept Is A Whole Lot Of Fun

Concept is somewhere between Charades and Pictionary, but requiring a lot less physical ability. All you need for Concept is some creativity and some/lots of patience and you have yourself an excellent game.

Like the other games of its style, players must draw a card, choose one concept from a list of varying difficult and describe it to the other players. In this instance, they do so by placing coloured counters on a board covered in a huge variety of different symbols. An easy example would be the concept of “milk”: a counter on the liquid symbol, a counter on edibles/food and a counter on white. Boom, milk. Sounds easy, and it is… in concept.

What’s hard is when you realise your brilliant combination of symbols means absolutely nothing to the other players at the table. Each card comes with a selection of easy, medium or hard concepts, ranging from something simple like “milk” to the much trickier phrase “Fast as lightning.” These varying levels of difficult mean players can get involved at any level they feel comfortable with, while also offering the chance to play something truly challenging. Seriously, try describing “Out of left field” with only limited symbols available and without finding yourself jabbing your finger at the same counter over and over again.

This is a game all about creativity and thinking outside the box, which is great for getting people involved and actually using their brains. The variety of symbols and the different ways they can be put together make it an especially interesting experience to play with friends, as you get to see up close how differently everybody’s minds works. Connections that may seem invisible to some are immediately obvious to others and so there’s a wonderful mix of “How do you not get this???” and the genuine respect of “That’s fucking clever.”

For the type of players that hate being the physical focus of attention like in Charades, Concept keeps the focus on the board and makes it much more comfortable to play. The game comes with its own set of rules, but there’s enough freedom that you can basically play it in any way you want, in whatever way you or your group enjoy. It’s a game absolutely worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for something to get the mind working.

Check out Concept on Tabletop if you want to see it in action.

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Ross Topham

If there was an award for procrastinating, Ross Topham would probably be late to the ceremony. Hopefully he's writing something worthwhile instead and we'll see that awesome, upcoming space opera novel sometime soon...

Ross Topham

If there was an award for procrastinating, Ross Topham would probably be late to the ceremony. Hopefully he’s writing something worthwhile instead and we’ll see that awesome, upcoming space opera novel sometime soon…

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