Killjoys Returns As Fun As Ever For Season 3

I’ve written before about how Killjoys has become one of my favourite TV pleasures and it’s already good to have it back. “Boondoggie” has a lot of work to do in setting up the new arcs for the season, after having so much shift and change during last year’s finale. The Hullen threat is more daunting than ever, Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) is off to war while Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) is still separated from the rest of the group. Thankfully, the episode does a smooth job of re-integrating us into this world, whilst clearly setting up the new stories to look forward to.

Dutch is clearly on the warpath and the episode’s primary character beats rightly belong to her. I really appreciate that Johnny leaving the team and the death of Khlyen haven’t sent her into angry/angst mode, as many shows are often tempted to do. John-Kamen has always done very well at balancing bounty hunter badass with believable character depth and the same can be said here. We get to see all the ways Dutch is hurting without leaning too hard into it. Her speech to the Hullen interrogator about why heroes need monsters was a real highlight of the episode.

Killjoys has a really fantastic supporting cast, one of my favourite things about the show, and seeing this episode open with all of them united and fighting together behind Dutch means the season is already off to a strong start. Pree (Thom Allison), Alvis (Morgan Kelly) and Fancy (Sean Baek) have been great, well developed characters and I love when a series understands its strengths and play to them. As well as showing us more of the characters we enjoy, it also provides a comfortable continuity in the expanding storyline.

Killjoys "Boondoggie"

The opener defies one expectation and actually keeps Johnny apart from the rest of the cast. It’s always a risk to split up the core group, but it actually works well here. As well as feeling true to the events that closed out last season and showing that Johnny’s grieving process isn’t going to wrapped up off-screen, it also has a narrative purpose. This new world populated by the cybernetic Hackmods is something we haven’t seen before and has a really interesting aesthetic to it. Already the Factory feels like more than just a B-plot, especially with the reveal that one of the Hackmods has been infected with the infamous plasma.

Season 3 is off to a strong start already, effectively introducing us to the two primary plots and still managing to sneak in some new world-building. The scope keeps getting bigger every season and seeing all the old familiar faces kept around gives me faith that the show won’t lose touch with what makes it so fun to watch. There’s a lot to look forward to, such as the approaching war and Aneela herself. The opener holds off on introducing us to Dutch’s look-a-like, which is fine for now. It’s smoother for the audience to refocus on Dutch and the core team first before tackling that big question mark.

Little Thoughts:

  • Jonny, after shooting someone in the head: “Uh-oh, where’s your face?” More than anything else, this line explains why I love this show. Maybe I’m just a sucker for this kind of humour.
  • Clara’s (Stephanie Leonidas) disappearance is a solid narrative hook and I’m glad she didn’t just disappear between seasons, although I hope she shows up again soon. I really enjoyed Leonidas on Defiance and she made a strong impression last season, despite only appearing in two episodes.
  • The ‘conversation’ between Dutch and Johnny and the episode’s end had a nice twist to it that I quite enjoyed, with the reveal that Dutch was just talking to Johnny’s message. Simple, but a nice character moment for Dutch.
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Ross Topham

If there was an award for procrastinating, Ross Topham would probably be late to the ceremony. Hopefully he's writing something worthwhile instead and we'll see that awesome, upcoming space opera novel sometime soon...

Ross Topham

If there was an award for procrastinating, Ross Topham would probably be late to the ceremony. Hopefully he’s writing something worthwhile instead and we’ll see that awesome, upcoming space opera novel sometime soon…

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